Mrs. Salley Cowen

Better Business Bureau
5050 Murphy Canyon Road, Suite #110
San Diego, Ca. 92123
  While working in property management for 25 years, I have never met an electrical contractor more deserving of the torch award as I feel Mr. Christopher Lee should hold the title.
Mr. Lee is assertive, knowledgeable and gets the job done in a timely manner. he comes out, troubleshoots the problem and does the work.
Mr. Lee is a person with integrity, not low standards, who tries to get the customer to pay for something that is not needed and then says oops the problem is still there.
A qualified electrician is like a doctor who when you go to him so ill that all you want is to go home feeling 100% better than when you went in. Chris Lee of Electrical-Etc... is Mr. Doctor in the electrical field. He makes you feel 100% satisfied when the work is done.

Peggy & Michael Crowley

Rarely in life does one have the chance to meet and interact with an individual who possesses immense integrity, strong ethics, morals and values. We have had just such an opportunity. Christopher Lee ( Owner Of Electrical-Etc... ) was referred to us as an electrical contractor because of his level of knowledge and skills. Little did we know that we would come to rely heavily upon his abilities and good judgement and that we would come to know and respect a man of the highest level of integrity that we have ever been eyewitness to, and that man was and is Christopher Lee. Mr. Lee was such a strong presence in our life that you could actually and factually say that we trusted him with our life and we feel enriched for having done so.
Our home was built by a developer who wired the entire structure of our residence with defective Romex wire. Christopher was the electrician who discovered the nature of the problem that the developer and their subcontractors had been trying to hide for over a period of two years. The developer did not want to take responsiblity once the construction defect was brought to their attention. Had it not been for Christopher Lee, the developer would have performed a less than safe and satisfactory repair of our home. We relied upon Mr. Lee who worked countless hours for us without taking payment in order to help us navigate the treacherous trail of lies that the developer was trying to cover up.
Christopher is so ethical, that at one point in the process, I am sure that the developer would have given Christopher the job to be the electrical contractor in charge of the repairs and rewiring 7 homes in a phase of construction that had been affected by this electrical defect, however, they made it clear to all that they also expected him to capitulate and cut corners wherever possible. If Christopher would have accepted this job, it would have meant a huge paycheck to him, but he promptly turned down the offer that would involve him taking shortcuts on his duties and obligations as an electrical contractor.
I guess that if I could say that Christopher Lee had any glaring fault it would be the he is too honest and too ethical to his own detriment. In the end, we had to allow the developer to perform the repairs to the electrical defects that they had created on our property. We hired Christopher Lee at that point to oversee the job to ensure that the work was done according to the law. The greatest difficulty that was encountered often throughout the process was when the developer would try to take a shortcut or pull a fast one and Christopher Lee, as our advocate, would not tolerate anything less than what was required by code. He insisted and held a hard line that the work be performed according to code even when it would have been just as easy for him to turn the other way, keep quiet and continue to collect a paycheck. That is why we can honestly say that we put our life in the hands of Christoper Lee and we are better for having done so.
There is no one in this world that we have ever met that we could say is more reliable, moral, dependable, ethical or trustworthy than Christopher Lee. My husband and I are educated, successful professionals who own and operate a biotech firm and we encounter many different types of characters in our business and personal life and there is no one who could ever stand beside or in front of Christopher Lee when it comes to honesty, exceptional character and overall decency. We will always support Christopher Lee as a man of great ethics and values and we believe that he should always be given the respect that he deserves. We would enthusiastically recommend Christopher Lee, we would rely upon him without hesitation and we would trust him with everything that we are and everything that we have.

William B. Kolender, Sheriff

Dear Chris, I would like to thank you for the generous donation of your services during the recent Harmony Grove fire.  The fire was a major local disaster and severely taxed the resources of local emergency responders, including the Sheriff's Department. The staff at the Command Post greatly appreciated your generosity and selflessness in setting up electrical power and lights for our operation. It is gratifying to see citizens, such as yourself, volunteer their services and equipment to assist in such times of need. Your efforts were greatly appreciated and contributed greatly to the comfort and safety of my staff. Sincerely,

Louis Favero

Dear Chris, I want to tell you again how grateful I am for the great work that you did in my beach house.  The age of the house (67 years) presented all kinds of problems from almost impenetrable concrete walls to virtually inaccessible electrical lines.  Only your determination allowed us to wind up with such a beautiful job.  You returning extra moneys that resulted from the design change was much appreciated-especially since I did not realize that the change had reduced our costs.  Also, your frequent calls kept me constantly aware of how the job was proceeding. My only criticism is that watching you and your helper work made me feel so inadequate-otherwise you were perfect. Good Luck to you. Sincerely,

Mr. & Mrs. Munzer  

Dear Mr. Campbell, We wanted to compliment one of our local electricians, Christopher Lee, of Electrical Etc. who does a lot of work for the association here.  We believe he just saved us from a fire! In case any other home owners have had a problem with flickering lights or just haven't had an opportunity to check their outlets lately, we thought a word of warning might be in order.  Chris found many of our outlets had exposed bare hot wires, corroded plugs, and incorrect connections.  Of course the original builders are no longer liable, so that leaves us with handling preventative maintenance.  Chris replaced each plug and switch because of the correct way they must work with the breaker switches so it is easy to locate problem areas.  He took jammed wires that were arcing and "pigtailed" them with wire terminators, rewiring them properly onto new plugs.  He worked diligently all day to get our two-story home back into a safe condition.  We couldn't believe his fast pace and expertise.  Anyone interested can and should call him. We feel relieved to know we are safe now and hope you will share this information with others. Sincerely,

Bob Ross

Just a brief note, Chris, To let you know how satisfied I am with your work installing the ceiling fans and other electrical fixtures. I appreciate your promptness and your follow-up.  It is very unusual in your industry. Let me know if I can serve as a reference. Sincerely,

Betty Graff

Dear Chris, Thanks so much for your help with the 220 line for my new spa. The name of the gentleman who did the concrete pad is Bob Scarcia, and his phone no. is 434-3676. He operates with one of his kids and a cement mixer.  It cost me $360. (Ten dollars for the salting, I think) It has re-bar and four inches of concrete.  They did all of the digging themselves and were in and out between 7:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. I may need you for the actual spa installation on August 15.  I will give you a call when I firm things up.   Of course, I would like it to be sooner but, I don't know what's going to happen with the jury duty stuff. I hope Mary is ok.  Give her my regards Thanks again,


Chris, Thanks for your prompt response and very clean, professional job.


Thanks for being honest, efficient and fast.  I've been passing out your card with praise.