Mrs. Salley Cowen

Peggy & Michael Crowley
March 14, 2018

Mrs. Salley Cowen

Better Business Bureau

5050 Murphy Canyon Road, Suite #110

San Diego, Ca. 92123


While working in property management for 25 years, I have never met an electrical contractor more deserving of the torch award as I feel Mr. Christopher Lee should hold the title.

Mr. Lee is assertive, knowledgeable and gets the job done in a timely manner. he comes out, troubleshoots the problem and does the work.

Mr. Lee is a person with integrity, not low standards, who tries to get the customer to pay for something that is not needed and then says oops the problem is still there.

A qualified electrician is like a doctor who when you go to him so ill that all you want is to go home feeling 100% better than when you went in. Chris Lee of Electrical-Etc… is Mr. Doctor in the electrical field. He makes you feel 100% satisfied when the work is done.